Grow with Bemis

Grow with Bemis

Grow with Bemis

Learn how our employees developed their careers through unique opportunities and new experiences. Bemis is proud to be featured on Forbes employee-ranked America’s Best Employers list for multiple years.

Brittany Meyer, IT Project Manager

Brittany Meyer

IT Project Manager

I chose to work for Bemis for their commitment to developing talent. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first interns in the Information Technology department. I quickly began to notice that Bemis doesn’t just talk about their core values and guiding principles, their employees live them out on a daily basis. I was given a variety of training and educational opportunities that helped me to invest in my future. What I value most about Bemis is that even though we are constantly evolving and growing, the message of success is consistently focused on people. No matter who you are or what your position is, our people are loyal, ethical, generous and kind. Your contributions and career path matter as much to our leadership as the next major contract or market share we’ve secured.
Otacilio Berbert, Research & Development Fellow

Otacilio Berbert

R&D Fellow

I had the opportunity to join Bemis through an acquisition in Brazil. I was extremely pleased to join Bemis, as they are well known and respected throughout Latin America where I am originally from. It was important to me to be with a company that would allow me to experience career growth and opportunities that would last the entire length of my career and I knew Bemis would be able to deliver that. What I appreciate the most about Bemis is our company values, the culture, and that people are the most important asset. Our company respects all individuals and embraces diverse backgrounds. I appreciated this type of philosophy, as a Brazilian coming to United States for a new opportunity within the company. Bemis offers everything; values, culture, a great work environment and a global footprint. When you join Bemis, you have a career for life.
Angela Lowe, Plant Manager

Angela Lowe

Plant Manager

I came to work with Bemis when my former company was acquired by Bemis. I think everyone has a choice to make when an acquisition takes place, and Bemis gave me every reason to want to become a part of their company. I was attracted to their fast-paced, high energy culture. Everyday brings a new challenge and an opportunity to make things better. There are always opportunities to make an impact and be a part of company wide improvements. The biggest reason why Bemis is truly great to me is the people. I have worked in several positions and all of the teams have been phenomenal. People at all levels of the company are dedicated to obtaining results and helping each other succeed.
Rick Stratz, Sales Account Director

Rick Stratz

Sales Director

I was recommended to come to Bemis from a friend, who had nothing but good things to say about the company. I started out in the marketing field and through a variety of diverse experiences found myself in sales where I am today. That’s what is so great about Bemis - there are so many opportunities and you are given the tools and support to try different paths. There is so much diversity in both the people you get to work with and the different areas of specialty. What I enjoy most about my role today is that I’m now in a position to be the one giving support and taking part in the development of my team to help them reach their potential. The vision and ideas of employees truly do matter at Bemis. You are able to participate in exciting changes that happen and your feedback is not only heard, it is genuinely valued.

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