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About us

Bemis Europe is a supplier of flexible plastic packaging used by leading meat and cheese companies across the EMEA region. We work collaboratively with forward-thinking companies to deliver inspired food and consumer packaging that enables customer success.

Bemis Europe is part of Bemis Company, Inc., a global packaging company with 60 facilities and 17,000 employees worldwide. With a presence across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Bemis offers expert focus on helping each of its customers to move ahead towards success.
  • Why Choose us?
  • Innovation & Sustainability

Why do leading meat and cheese players rely on Bemis Europe?

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  • We deliver product breakthroughs through bold thinking, deep customer engagement and consumer insights.
  • We are a one-stop-shop for meat, cheese and fish packaging with a global know-how on customer needs.
  • We are experts in shelf-life extension and brand differentiation.

Source reduction

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We strive for making products and features that are high performance and can deliver weight reduction, pack size optimization and environmental care. Through packaging innovations and collaboration with Ceflex (flexible packaging movement towards circular economy), we work towards maximising the social, economical, and environmental benefits of our business.

Take a closer look at our Sustainability Commitment and Packaging Innovations by downloading Sustainability brochure.

    • Blown Coextrusion
    • Flexo Printing
    • Lamination
    • Slitting

    •  Roto Printing with Lamination
    •  Laser Scoring
    •  Slitting 

    • Blown Coextrusion
    • Flexo Printing
    • Lamination
    • Slitting

    • Blown Coextrusion
    • Flexo Printing
    • Bag Making

    • Cast Coextrusion
    • Blown Coextrusion
    • Flexo Printing
    • Lamination
    • Slitting 

Flexible and Rigid Packaging

Talk to us today about how our wide range of products can make a difference for your business — and in the lives of your customers.

Helpful resources

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    Sustainable innovations for your packaging

    See what we stand for and how we can help you deliver sustainable packaging solutions.


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  • 6 Insights Into The Mind of The European Meat Eater

    What is today meat eater thinking?

    Enjoy this peek into a meat eater's psychology, along with practical takeways you can use to drive your meat business.


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  • Chasing Cheese Snackers

    Mad about cheese?

    How dairy packaging keeps pace with a new generation of snack-hungry consumers. 


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  • In-pack cooking: are consumers ready?

    In-pack cooking: are consumers ready?

    In-pack cooking. We invested in a study to find out. 


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  • Playing the meat market

    Closing the meat purchase journey

    Understanding the meat consumer's 3-step journey to purchase. 


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