EZ Peel® Reseal™ convenience feature

EZ Peel® easy open packaging

EZ Peel® Reseal™ Convenience Feature

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Drive convenience with easy open and close feature

Our EZ Peel® Reseal™ packaging feature enables freshness, longer shelf life and less food waste, providing both consumer convenience and environmental benefits.

Peel, reseal, repeat.

A well-known UK dessert maker was on the hunt for a solution that would reduce its cost without depriving the oh-so-sweet quality retailers and consumers expect. Bemis EZ Peel® is easy to open all the time, every time and ticked all the right boxes—reliable supply, consistent quality, the right price point—making it the obvious choice, for their business and their palates.

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Download our PE Reseal™ sales sheet: ENFRDEES
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steak in ez peel reseal packaging

  • Reliable reclosability that provides easy functionality vs. sliders and zippers
  • Resealable packaging provides source reduction by reducing additional packaging components in rigid tray / rigid lid applications
  • Eliminates need for labels with printable lidding
  • Meets consumers need for easy open and reclose convenience
  • Deliver safety with tamper evident indicator options
  • Easy open packaging – no knives or scissors needed

cheese stick in ez peel reseal packaging

  • Flexible applications
  • Rigid applications

easy open salami packaging

  • Refrigerated applications such as meats, lunch meats and cheeses.
  • Shelf ready applications such as snacks, cereal, etc.
  • Fresh food applications such as fruits and vegetables.

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Peel, reseal, repeat

Ez Peel Reseal

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