From catch to plate: 5 seafood consumer takeaways for food service professionals

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From catch to plate: 5 seafood consumer takeaways for food service professionals

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From catch to plate: 5 seafood consumer takeaways for food service professionals


Seafood is an ever-evolving industry. From grocery trends to new flavors and formulas, marketing seafood can be challenging. Generating insight on these trends can also prove to be a challenge. In order to make understanding shopper behavior a bit easier, we’ve complied 5 of the most important seafood consumer takeaways to help take your seafood sales to the next level.


  1. Small plates are in

With small plates you can showcase a range of flavors and cuisines in small, approachable packages. Ethnic small plates are also trending, these allow customers to sample and awe at dishes that may be unfamiliar to them without having to make any commitments.

      2.  There is an increased shopper interest in quality

It’s going to be integral for seafood professionals to understand the different ways in which shoppers understand quality. Building on an understanding of quality will be important for implanting value to products through, “value added”, rather than price added alone.

      3. Shoppers want things to be easy

 27% of shoppers want products that make their lives easier, this has increased from 24% in 2015. Think easy way to help consume fish. Right packaging can help.

       4.  Shoppers still think chilled seafood is of superior quality.

There is significant consumer education required to eradicate the idea that frozen and ambient seafood are inferior to their chilled counterpart. From supply chain perspective, chilled is more challenging than frozen and ambient seafood. Packaging can help reinforce the quality and convenience as well as help change the serious misconceptions surrounding seafood.

      5.   Focus on trending flavors to boost sales.

Paying close attention to trending flavors like American/South American spice and Asian flavors seafood professionals can spur the growth of more seafood purchases.
So whether you’re looking to sell more seafood at the grocery store, right packaging (concept and design) will help convey the desired message and education.