6 global package design trends

6 Global Package Design Trends


6 Global Package Design Trends

To boost consumer engagement and differentiate on shelf


Is your packaging doing what it takes to stand out and engage with today’s busy consumers?

Here are 6 design tips to spark your next big idea:

Today’s consumers are craving transparency: they want to see and know exactly what they’re going to consume.
  • Let's be "clear," a full 52% of consumers would pay more for a package that lets them see the product inside2. Incorporate windows and utilize clear film to allow the quality of your product to speak for itself.
  • Integrate high definition photography to show consumers the finished product and ways to prepare the dish.
  • Offer differentiation by telling consumers exactly what they are buying and where it comes from3. Transparency with clean labels is becoming increasingly popular.

In the mind of the consumer, products utilizing ornately old-fashioned graphics are increasingly novel and related to greater value4. The simple background and unique look of kraft paper helps to convey natural, sustainable processes of the products contained within. Create more intense experiences and consumer engagement opportunities with an element that embodies your product’s flavor, texture and scent.
  • Made by hand look
  • Detail oriented process
  • Artisanal feel

Consider matte and black contrast to create a stark brand environment for your gourmet and upscale products. Soft and subtle matte films express your product’s quality values.
  • Pair with hand-drawn typography to add a human connection between your product and brand, and achieve a chalkboard-like effect.
  • Incorporate a pop of color with a registered gloss finish to achieve a sleek, modern billboard.

Bring it back to the basics. Pure white graphics scream fresh, minimalistic and simplistic. Consumers are appreciating the value of pure white in today’s busy world. This approach is for brands whose position is to communicate open, honest and trustworthy ingredients and processes.

Instantly grab shopper's attention with bold, eye-catching colors. Create distinctive designs with geometric-inspired patterns and vibrant hues. Consider incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year with other modern hues to connect with consumers on a different level and stay on-trend.

Feature pastel colors, illustrations and fun imagery in a way that makes consumers more likely to engage with your product. Take consumers on a journey back to their childhood and bring your packaging to life with whimsical graphics. Hand-drawn logos and illustrations, paired with high definition photography can help you achieve this playful approach.


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