Great products deserve great packaging

Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Great products deserve great packaging

Packaging Science

Great products deserve great packaging


It takes someone brave to try something new. No one understands this better than the packaging experts at Bemis and our customers. That’s why a leading Dutch wholesaler trusted Bemis to create an eco-conscious sliced pâté package to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Using Be-Pack™ with EZ Peel® Technology, the client was able to combine the flexible, eco-conscious package they wanted with re-sealable freshness. While most pates typically come in a rigid tray, this Dutch company was interested in going an extra mile to help the environment while providing quality packaging for their customers.

Designed with a bright color scheme and traditional Dutch emblems, the package broke through the rigid tray stalemate and became a customer draw. It was easier than ever for our client to appeal to their consumers while giving back to the environment. While still maintaining packaging and product quality, their innovative spirit was the perfect match for Be-Pack™.

From eco-conscious pate to re-sealable flavor savers, Bemis aims to help our clients realise their vision. By helping our customers translate their company style into tangible material, Bemis products can help our clients embark on exciting new adventures. 

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