A Lamb Shoulder Too Good to Share

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A Lamb Shoulder Too Good to Share

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A Lamb Shoulder Too Good to Share


Hello all, today I’m writing to talk to you about, well, food of course! I want to discuss Moralejo Selección’s “Asado Fàcil” lamb shoulder, which is very easy to prepare with very little mess.This lamb shoulder is vacuum packed and ready to roast inside of the package. Besides being cheaper, this lamb shoulder will also save you time and energy because it roasts in half the amount of time.

In terms of prepared food, I give this product an outstanding! The presentation is very simple but with great taste, and the texture of the meat is very tender and light. Ahh, also, this shoulder is supposed to feed three people, but @clicfox and I had no problem eating the whole shoulder while celebrating our first Christmas together in #ourlittlenest.

The preparation is super easy:

  1. Preheat oven to 220°.

  2. Remove label but do not remove the vacuum packaging.

  3. Once the oven has reached 220°, place the shoulder in the middle rack with the top-side facing down (as shown on the sticker).

  4. After 60 minutes or so, take the product out of the oven.

  5. Carefully remove the vacuum pack, which will be hot, and place it on a dish. Finish by drizzling the sauce around the roast, not on it.


  • If you want a crisper roast you can leave it in longer until you get the desired browning.

  • Use a single tray in the oven (but we used two and lucky for us, because the plastic touched a side of the oven and the sauce started to pour out).

We found the succulent lamb shoulder “Asado Fácil” by Moralejo Selección at Carrefour Terrassa. Now it’s your turn, have you seen this lamb shoulder in the supermarket? Would you buy it? Does it seem expensive? Do you think it’s practical? Let me know your thoughts.

INGREDIENTS: Baby Lamb Shoulder 95%, olive oil 0.4º 3%, lemon juice 1%, thyme and salt.

This post was first published on my personal blog (in Spanish) here