Make a lasting impression with presentation

Make a lasting impression with presentation

Packaging Science

Make a lasting impression with presentation


First impressions are everything. When customers are grocery shopping, the first thing they notice is how a product looks. If the packaging is unappealing, it won’t make the cut.

That’s why a leading provider of poultry and food manufacturing took it upon themselves to find a packaging solution to transform their product. They wanted a package that showed the appealing quality and appetizing presentation of their whole chicken.

When introduced to Bemis OvenRite®, it was love at first sight. OvenRite® allows consumers to easily and safely cook entire pieces of meat in the package. That means easier cleanup, less food contamination, and convenient shelf to table meals.

Using innovative, ovenable film, OvenRite® is a fuss-free packaging option for fresh, frozen, seasoned, or unseasoned meats. For the client, not only did the appearance of the bird improve, but thermoforming was more efficient due to a lower temperature and easy forming process. Switching to Bemis product also improved seal integrity; an integral aspect of raw meat packaging.

Overall, using OvenRite® meant a better presentation of their chicken product, increased sales, and a better supermarket presence. With the clarity and gloss created with the use of OvenRite®, a presentation improved, as did pricing capabilities. And the best thing is OvenRite® film works on all thermoforming machines. Who can say that!

A more competitive market position, improved clarity, and more customers? Sounds like a winning team of product and packaging.

Image Credit: cpjanes