Consumer Perceptions: Ovenable

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Culinary Convenience

Consumers are craving more convenient options in all aspects of their lives. Cooking is no exception.

Cooking Ingredients

What trends are influencing meal prep today?

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Cooking is Time-Consuming and Difficult

35% of EU consumers want to cook, but don't have time. Another 13% think that ready meals are tastier than the food they cook themselves.

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Meal preparation time

Time-stretched consumers want amazing meal without the work. The avarage time it takes to prepare a meal has reduced from 60 minutes to almost 20 in two decades.

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Quick and Impressive food

Consumers interest in eating creatively remains strong and people want to eat amazing food in their own home.

Delivering Perfectly Cooked Meal with OvenRite®

With a growing demand for convenient, time-saving meals that require minimal prep and clean up, it’s no surprise that respondents in an independent study found that OvenRite® helped tenderise/improve flavor, retain juices and avoid over cooking, drying or burning the product.

Consumers recognise the benefits of ovenable packaging


What our customers are saying

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“I was really pleasantly surprised at how good this product is. It was cooked well and was tender, tasty and lean.”

-An English supermarket shopper

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“A product new to the market has truly surprised all of us by its execution, idea and QUALITY.”

-A retailer from Poland

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"Our retail buyers received better value for the product after we decided to use this new kind of packaging."

- A Finnish fish and seafood producer

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