Packing crabs right is no simple feat

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Packing crabs right is no simple feat

Packaging Science

Packing crabs right is no simple feat

Leaks, sharp edges? No thanks.


When you’re selling frozen crabs to a retailer, you want to deliver a tight and intact package. It’s a reality one of Europe’s leading wild caught shellfish processors simply could not ignore. Their 30% leaker rate was no longer acceptable and it was time to explore new options.
They had been struggling with a non-shrink film to pack their large frozen crabs. Leakage and punctured film seem inevitable given the anatomy of the product they’re dealing with, but that wasn’t necessarily the case.

The company purchased a thermoformer to replace the current packing machine and decided a switch to shrink film was the best route.
After exploring many options, the company landed on Bemis’ Form-Tite™ shrink film. The high gauge film maintains shape – which means less risk of a ruined product – and provides the puncture resistance needed to hold together pointy crab legs. It was a perfect fit.

The client saw value beyond a resilient film that holds all crab legs together. Bemis teams brought in their expertise to help the company get acquainted with their thermoformer and guide them to identify the right material for it. 

Making any significant business decision can be overwhelming, and this customer was doing so while navigating a brand new machine. In this case, a helping hand and the right product were just what was needed to get these crabs packed right and reduce any further loss in business. 

Image Credit: OceanFishing