You’ve got to fight for your right to barbecue fish

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You’ve got to fight for your right to barbecue fish

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You’ve got to fight for your right to barbecue fish


Sausages, steaks, burgers – the grilling season tends to bring to mind these juicy fixings, the meaty staples of Europe’s warm-weather ritual. 

You know who usually gets left out, though? Fish.

Why don’t barbecue fanatics naturally flock to our finned friends? 

The answer’s simple really. The thought of grilling fish right is a daunting one that raises too many questions that your average griller doesn’t feel like answering, especially when easier alternatives are abundant.

What kind of fish can stand the heat? Can I put them directly on the grill? What’s does en papillote mean?

One German fish processor wanted to make grilling fish easy. And Bemis did too.

Aluminium trays are a straightforward way to take the confusion out of grilling fish. You can set the directly on the grill with no fuss.

But that story of utter simplicity and delicious bliss is one the consumer has to be told at the super market and SkinTite® was there to make that happen.

SkinTite® film slipped seamlessly over the aluminium trays, showcasing the succulence of the pre-seasoned fish and screaming to barbecue fans that this protein would grill just as easily as their other favourites in three simple steps: 
  1. Peel back the film
  2. Place the aluminium tray directly on the grill
  3. Indulge in perfectly charred feast with family and friends!
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