Seafood shoppers are CONFUSED: here’s what retailers can do about it

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Seafood shoppers are CONFUSED: here’s what retailers can do about it

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Seafood shoppers are CONFUSED: here’s what retailers can do about it


With thousands of species of fish and shellfish inhabiting the world's oceans and rivers, it's no surprise that buying seafood can be overwhelming.
Shoppers find choosing seafood in a store to be more confusing than any other protein. But what can seafood professionals do to make it easier on consumers? According to Seafish’s annual Key Category Insights Report, there are several things shoppers are looking for when they go to purchase their seafood. By following the Insights Report the guesswork is taken out of what shoppers want, making it easier to deliver the perfect product.
Just chilling…
75% of fish shoppers agreed, that they think sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for chilled fish. Shoppers are more engaged with chilled fish than other types of chilled protein and health ethics are now an important product driver for fish. Packaging that indicates high quality, freshness and health ethics will be key to capturing the modern shoppers attention. Chilled seafood fixtures also need to work harder to drive impulse seafood purchases
Fish fear factor

Out of all the proteins available, fish is seen as the “scariest” by shoppers. It is up to seafood professionals to demystify the misconceptions surrounding fish. Shoppers say that the way seafood looks, sometimes with head and eyes included, is the main reason they are afraid to purchase seafood. Additionally, handling and preparing seafood in conjunction with not understanding how to cook fish makes seafood more effort than it’s worth for many shoppers. It is up to the professionals, who know the products well to educate shoppers. Consumers need simple ways to be able to identify high quality fish when they’re on display. By inserting purchasing triggers at the fixture or on the packaging, professionals can ensure shoppers have a better understanding of what is going on when they purchase fish. Triggers like, “freshness guaranteed” or “quality fish” can help to quell some shopper’s fears.
Helping consumers make informed decisions
Understanding what is preventing shoppers from purchasing seafood (accessibility, lack of inspiration, lack of information etc.) is key to coming up with solutions for seafood that is more accessible. By, adding a simple “quality mark” to your products you can squash some fears shoppers have about purchasing fish. Shoppers need to be guided through the process of what to do with their fish from start to finish and by understanding what their plans are for their seafood, professionals can better guide shoppers.

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