Retailers take note: SkinTite is everywhere

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On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Retailers take note: Consumers are choosing SkinTite®

Market Insights

Retailers take note: Consumers are choosing SkinTite®


From potatoes to poultry, consumers want to do more than just look at the foods they’re choosing at the supermarket. 
In today’s day and age consumers head to the grocery store anticipating being able to interact with their products in more ways than one, and thanks to SkinTite®, they can.

SkinTite® is the fastest growing product in the meat sector and if you’re not adapting you’re already behind.

SkinTite ® is the gold standard for both final presentation and durability and to put it simply -- if you’re not using SkinTite® you’re missing out on something big. 

SkinTite® is everywhere (and for everything!)

Whether you want to package bluegill or beef, SkinTite® offers unparalleled presentation and shelf life, as well a nice flavour boost. Retailers use SkinTite® all across Europe, for a wide variety of products and in many instances they prefer it to other not so pleasant looking skin packaging. But don’t take our word for it…


One top French retailer wanted skin packaging for a wide variety of fish and Bemis knew they could get the job done.

Not only did Bemis provide the retailer with the superior quality packaging they needed, Bemis far exceeded their expectations.

Bemis showed them that the transparency of SkinTite® HDX 125 is far greater than other wannabe skin films, as well as providing a fresher looking final presentation.
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Europeans love to go vertical at the meat counter

Vertical packaging has long been the standard in Europe for meat packaging, and the trend has even spread to seafood and ready-made meals. There is something about the clean, crisp appearance of hanging protein that consumers love.
…And nothing makes that instant consumer connection happen more instantly than SkinTite®.

Typical Swiss

For many Europeans, Switzerland has a slightly different culture when it comes to the presentation of food products at retail. Especially within the meat segment, vertical presentation has been the standard for a long time already. By presenting meat products in a standing or hanging position, they are more attractive to Swiss consumers. This explains why skin packaging has seen a much stronger growth in Switzerland than in various other European countries, such as for example Germany. The advantage of skin packaging is that the product remains securely fixed and does not move, resulting in an excellent appearance. For retailers, skin packaging allows them to fit more products on the shelf. Main applications in Switzerland are fresh and marinated meat, but vertical presentation is also common for seafood and even ready meals.
Since 2011, Bigler has been using SEALPAC’s TraySkin® and ThermoSkin® systems with Bemis SkinTite
® film to create so-called TriWeb packs. Here, the product is skin packaged directly inside the (pre-formed) tray, after which a second top film is applied. By doing so, a flat surface is created that allows for smooth labelling. Furthermore, the skin packs can now easily be stacked with minimum risk of leakers. The additional chamber, created by the second top film, even allows for extras, such as garlic butter, spices or recipes.

- Gérard Bigler, Head of the processed meat division, Bigler AG Fleischwaren

On top of aluminium, SkinTite® screams “simple” to barbecue lovers

Chicken, fish, beef for the barbecue? The combination of SkinTite® and an aluminium tray makes grilling a straightforward process and buyers will thank you for with their wallets.
Simply remove the film, place the tray on the barbecue and cook away. It looks easy because it is.

Still not convinced?

According to Simon Preece of Elmwood, shoppers are emotional buyers shopping intuitively, on colour, shape and familiarity of location and packaging plays a crucial role in leveraging that emotion. With SkinTite® consumers can poke and prod to their hearts desire.
There’s a reason more retailers across Europe are switching to SkinTite® everyday. Processors get superior product draping, sealing and peelabilty, which mean less leaks and no repacking. Brand Owners and Retailers get outstanding clarity for better product presentation and consumers get easy-open packs and easy to see products.
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