Millennials ‘Golden’ generation for snack manufacturers? Not necessarily…

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Millennials ‘Golden’ generation for snack manufacturers? Not necessarily…

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Millennials ‘Golden’ generation for snack manufacturers? Not necessarily…


When it comes to snacking, with no doubt most of us would think that millennials are the right generation to think about.
Well, they are the ones who do not have enough time to cook proper meals.
Hence, it does not come as a surprise that instead of homemade cooked meal a millennial would grab a slice of cheese with chips and eat them while watching Netflix or posting something on Facebook.
But another generation1 – baby boomers go way beyond millennials with striking snacking 20% more often than they do, accounting for 90.4 billion snack eatings per year.

Boomers can boost sales significantly if just companies working in the food industry can target and most importantly meet their needs.
But let’s discover more about those baby boomers…

Consumers tend to have over 2.5 snacks per day. ‘’42% of baby boomers snack because it feels like an indulgence’’2. Furthermore they are more often alone than other age groups so a big meal just does not look appealing for them to cook.
Boomers’ snack choices are based on taste and craving and in general boomers as millennials tend to choose healthy snacks, natural foods, and fresh ingredients.
Boomers prefer low fat, protein, reduced sugar and sodium snacks. Purchase of snacks is becoming more pre-planned as boomers tend to incorporate them into diets.
So, grab their attention with snacks that appeal to them. Baby boomers are an untapped market that’s certainly worth investing in.

[1] Data based on NPD Group report
[2] Data from Iconoculture

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