The Snacking Revolution

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The Snacking Revolution

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The Snacking Revolution


You don’t have to be in the food industry to realize that snacking is much more than a consumer passion. It’s changing the way we look at meals. Consumers worldwide spent $147 billion on snack in 2015[1] and spent $3.87 billion dollar more in 2017. In addition to this, 50% of these snackers enjoyed a between-meal treat two to three times a day[2].

With consumers more active and more mobile than any other time in history, it’s no surprise that traditional sit-down family meals are increasingly replaced by a quick snack on the go. People simply don’t have the time they once had to sit down and enjoy three complete meals every day.

In fact, 45% of respondents to a recent survey reported that they eat snacks as meal replacements[3]. Studies show that a growing number of people has shifted from three traditional large meals to five small meals per day.

Food companies must now deliver snacks that help consumers stay full and energized between meals. This is why the demand for snacks like cheese and high-protein energy bars is increasing.

66% of consumers want snacks that provide sustenance. [4]

Packaging can help with new and creative ways to deliver snacks that will highlight this nutritional component.

Furthermore, packaging plays a key role also in what concerns portion controls.

A full 27% of consumers say portion control is “very important”. [5]

Portion control is critical for consumers who do not want to overindulge or just wish to keep the food item fresh for the next time. This is especially true for cheese packaging.

Smaller portions allow these adventurous consumers to taste new products without feeling like they have to commit to a full-sized package. Small size packaging gives them flexibility and peace of mind to sample food varieties guilt-free.
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