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Ovenrite Dual Ovenable Film Packaging for Fish

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Stand-Out Fish & Seafood Packaging Options for Added Safety and Appeal

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  • Ovenrite Sual Ocenable Film Packaging for Fish

    OvenRite® Dual Ovenable Film

    With OvenRite®, create ready meals and meal components that can be taken from shelf to oven, with no fuss at all. Ideal packaging solution for fish and seafood.

  • Skintite Second Skin Film Packaging for Fish

    SkinTite™ Second Skin Film

    Our SkinTite™ second skin film offers unrivalled product presentation, increased durability and flavour enhancement to ensure that your meat will always be juicy and tender.

  • EZ Peel and Reseal Packaging

    EZ Peel™ and Reseal™ Convenience Feature

    EZ Peel™ and Reseal™ allows the consumer to easily reclose the package thereby preserving the product freshness for future servings while minimising waste.

  • Flow-Tite™ Shrink Rollstock

    Flow-Tite™ Shrink Rollstock

    Flow-Tite™ film delivers overall cost reduction by optimising productivity while maintaining advanced protection.

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