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Fresh Meat Packaging

Stand-Out Convenience, Flavor and Consumer Appeal with Fresh Meat Packaging

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Minced Meat Packaging

Maximise shelf life and deliver a superior consumer experience with vaccum skin packaging for your minced meat packaging.

Minced Meat Packaging

Minced Meat Packaging

Browse the list of minced meat packaging options including films and case-ready overwrap.

SkinTite® Second Skin Film

second skin film ground meat

SkinTite® Second Skin film offers unrivaled product presentation, increased durability and flavor enhancement to ensure that your meat will always be juicy and tender.

Learn more about SkinTite® Second Skin Film

Opalen™ Films

coextruded films

Coextruded Opalen™ films are mono-axially oriented for improved toughness, machinability, clarity and barrier.

Learn more about Opalen™

VAC™ | ICE™ Thermoforming Films

ground meat packaging films

Our VAC™ | ICE™ Thermoforming Films have it all. Clarity, toughness, rigidity, beauty.

Learn more about VAC™ | ICE™ Thermoforming Films

Beef Up Protection and Safety with Packaging for Fresh Meats

Whether you’re packaging primals or foodservice portions, there is an expert packaging solution to maximize the shelf life and safety of your fresh beef, pork, lamb or veal.

whole muscle meat

Packaging Solutions for Whole Muscle Meats

Find a shrink range and dual-ovenable solution that best works for your application. 

FlowTite™ Shrink Rollstock

shrink films cheese packaging

Also part of our Shrink range, FlowTite™ film delivers overall cost reduction by optimising productivity while maintaining advanced protection.

Learn more about FlowTite™ Shrink Rollstock

FormTite™ Thermoforming Shrink Films

vacuum shrink packaging shrink bags

Part of our Shrink range, FormTite™ offers all the advantages of vacuum shrink packaging – improves the look of shrink bags with its brilliant optics and tight shrunk finish.

Learn more about FormTite™

OvenRite® Dual Ovenable Films

dual-ovenable meat packaging

OvenRite® is a dual-ovenable application that makes consistent, evenly cooked meals in the microwave and oven possible.

Learn more about FlowTite™ Shrink Rollstock

Shrink Products Range

shrink films meat packaging

Wide range of shrink bags and shrink films covering most applications for all types of meat and cheese. High shrink minimizes weight loss and maximizes shelf life. State of the art capabilities in production and printing. Best performing puncture resistance film on the market: ClearShield PRO™.

Learn more about Shrink Products Range

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