Be-Pack™ Packaging Concept

Be-Pack™ Packaging Concept

Be-Pack™ Packaging Concept

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Freshness that keeps them coming back for more

Our BePack™ packaging concept helps retain superior flavor, freshness and quality in convenient formats to capture the attention of savvy meat and dairy consumers today.

Can sliced meat look any fresher?

“We need perfect peelability, high transparency and a solution that keeps our sliced processed meat looking crackling fresh. Can Bemis do that?” That was the question from an uncompromising German brand owner. And Be-Pack™ was the answer. Ideal offering for sliced cheese packaging and cold meats packaging.

Bepack meat cheese pate grated cheese

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Be-Pack packaging concept easy open reclose

  • Easy to open, close, store and dispose functionality, thanks to Bemis EZ Peel™ Technology
  • Available in range of printing finishes.
  • Combine it with Paper-Like™ paper alternative for further brand differentiation.

Bepack clarity gloss light weight

  • Delivers tailored breathability for fresh or frozen conditions.
  • Brilliant clarity and gloss enhance shelf appeal.
  • Light weight structures allowing Green Dot scheme savings. 

Bepack meat cheese pate grated cheese

  • Meat: processed meat (sliced, paté)
  • Cheese: sliced, grated

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