OvenRite® Dual Ovenable Films

OvenRite® dual ovenable films

OvenRite® dual ovenable films

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Study finds 90% of U.K. consumers are open to cooking meat products in their packaging. Learn more
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A flavourful serving of convenience

With OvenRite®, create ready meals and meal components that can be taken from shelf to oven, with no fuss at all.

From shelf to oven with no hassle

In a perfect marriage of convenience and quality, OvenRite® allows consumers to take your meat straight from the store to oven with no fuss. What do consumers get? An improved cooking experience. What do you get? Satisfied customers and lower processing costs.

OvenRite ready to eat meat

Yeah! It's that easy.

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Serve up convenience for ready meals and meal components

OvenRite® Dual Ovenable Films Ready Meals Packaging

Make clean cooking possible

No Touch Cooking

Avoid contamination of the product, work surfaces and their hands, with a straight to oven, fresh or frozen, prepared product.

Cooking made convenient

Retail shelf to oven solutions

Prepared product straight from the retail shelf to oven. Benefits are many - reduced cooking times; avoids over cooking, drying out or burning the products.

Safety first

EU FDA food compliance packaging

Meets both EU and FDA direct food contact compliance requirements. Prevents product contamination from shelf to plate.

High clarity, glossy & robust film

high clarity gloss robust film

Allows product to be displayed in the best effect. Enables cooking product in its own juices, giving it a finished, better quality taste and texture.


Explore today’s range of applications for the “ready-to-heat” revolution. It’s a revolutionary packaging solution for ready to eat meals.

Ready to eat meals packaging on the go.

Succulent meat

meat fresh frozen

Take your pick: fresh, frozen, seasoned, unseasoned, unprocessed.

Flavourful serving of poultry

chicken poultry

Take your pick: fresh, frozen, seasoned, unseasoned, unprocessed.

Perfectly cooked fish

fish seafood

Take your pick: fresh, frozen, seasoned, unseasoned, unprocessed.

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