Paperly™ Paper-Based Packaging

Paperly™ paper-based packaging

Paperly™ paper-based packaging

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Packaging Light as…Paper?

At Bemis, we understand that when your product is just one on an aisle full of similar products, it’s essential it stands out. Our Paperly™ paper-based packaging does exactly that.

Paperly™ is a paper-based packaging that gives processed meat and cheese packaging a rustic feel and look. It can be thermoformed on existing packaging lines. It is combined with Bemis EZ Peel® and EZ Peel® Reseal™ liddings which can be complemented with Paper-Like™ tactile finish. If desired, this fibrous base can also be used with Bemis SkinTite™ to pack your fresh meat or fish.
It’s perfect for environmentally conscious consumers; paper is from renewable resources and the whole base can be put to recycling after use. The rigidity of paper and thin high barrier liner allow minimizing the use of nonrenewable materials in the tray. The appealing authenticity come from the light weight, thermal insulation and texture of natural fibers. Further, the appearance of the packaging can be customized e.g. with printing and embossing.
So why use Paperly™ paper-based packaging? Well…

  • It’s recyclable in the fibre stream, as long as it fulfills the minimum percentage for that country.
  • The paper consists of FSC certified pulp, so the environmental footprint is reduced from the product’s start to finish.
  • High barrier liners and re-closable options keep your product fresh.
We know our Paperly™ packaging will not only wow you, but your customers too. The aesthetic versatility of our package allows for customized printing and packaging design, so there are numerous possibilities to make your product perfect for your consumers. 

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Paperly cheese paper packaging

  • Recyclable in the fibre stream depending on the minimum percentage per country and the specification chosen.
  • Printing, thermoforming and embossing for customisation.
  • High barrier liners.
  • Differentiation in the shelf.
  • Paper is sourced from 99% FSC certified forests.

Paperly paper packaging features

  • Removable topweb using EZ Peel Reseal™, perfect for recycling purposes.
  • OPA/ PE or PET /PE structures available (Opalen™ or TER structures) with and without high barrier available.
  • Lidding films with lock seal, EZ peel and reclosable options.
  • Skin film available.

Paperly paper packaging meat cheese fish

  • Processed meat
  • Fresh meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish & seafood
  • Sliced cheese

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