Combination Drug Device Packaging

combination drug/device products

Combination Packaging

Absolute protection for challenging combination drug/device products

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high-barrier pouch

High Barrier Pouches

Advanced pre-made medical pouch systems are engineered to guarantee the stability, safety and efficacy of your implantable drug/device. Compatible with the latest inert gas flush pouch-sealing equipment.
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high-barrier films & laminations

High Barrier Films & Laminations

Barrier-enhanced rollstock options will protect the active drug or biomolecule in your combination drug/device and preserve your product's efficacy and sterility.
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custom rigid thermoformed trays

Rigid Thermoformed Trays

Custom thermoformed trays not only provide the necessary barrier protection for the drug, but they also provide the rigidity and stability to protect the device itself. 
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Absolute protection for Combination Drug/Device Packaging. Non-interactive sealant film technology ensures system efficacy. Engineered to guarantee safety and stability.