Package & seal integrity

package and seal integrity testing

Package and seal integrity

Verifies the packaging and package seal has remained intact

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Package & Seal Integrity

Packaging and Seal Integrity Testing are vital to packaging validation. These tests verify that a seal remained intact after Transportation Testing and Age studies. Our Package and Seal Integrity Testing Services include:

Seal Strength Testing – ASTM F88

Seal Strength Testing is performed to establish seal and peel strengths on packaging materials. Tests are carried out on pouches, blisters and header bags. Depending on customer requirements, Seal Strength testing can be one of the following:
Technique A – Unsupported
Technique B – Supported 90° (by hand)
Technique C – Supported 180°
seal strength testing

Burst Testing – ASTM F1140

Burst Testing determines the seal strength by means of internal pressurization. The test provides results for failure pressure and identifies the weakest points in the package and can be carried out on open or closed packages.
burst testing

Dye Penetration Testing – ASTM F1929 & ASTM 3039

Dye Penetration Testing examines the seal integrity between materials for imperfections such as channels in the seal or a breach of the seal. A specific dye is left in contact with the seal for a specified time and then visual inspection is performed.
dye penetration testing

Bubble Leak Testing – ASTM F2096

Bubble Leak Testing verifies the integrity of the sterile barrier system.  During Bubble Leak Testing, the package is internally pressurized while submerged under water and observed for a stream of bubbles that would indicate a failure area.
bubble leak testing

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