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Accelerate your speed to market

Considered one of the leading innovators in all of flexible packaging, Bemis’ innovation process is centered around our customers. We have organized our assets and resources to help our customers understand and explore the infinite possibilities of flexible packaging. Our unparalleled customer collaboration experience helps our customers accelerate their speed to market and grow their business.

Applications Team

The support you need to help you grow.

Our Applications team supports your needs from concept, through commercialization, to field support.  Not only will they recommend the right package for your application, they will ensure it will run properly on your equipment.

Technical service at its finest.

Technology & Platform Development

We want to invent the future here.

The scientist on our Technology and Platform Development team are developing next generation technologies, platforms, and materials.  Our subject matter experts lead our industry with breakthrough disruptive innovations.

Challenge us with your most demanding applications.

Taking the guesswork out of drug-sealant interactions.

Transdermal packaging is complex due to the strict requirements that each package must meet in order to protect the product inside.  Chemical resistance and low package-to-product interactions are a key requirement for primary packaging in the transdermal market.  Transdermal packages are designed to ensure there is minimal transfer of active product into the sealant as well as low leachables from the sealant to the product.

Bemis Healthcare Packaging has developed a scientific way to predict a drug’s interaction with the sealant layer of the packaging material.  We have brought together our leading scientists in Chemical, Material, & Package Engineering to design a family of sealant technologies engineered to meet the demanding requirements for transdermal patches.  Our scientists have taken a theoretical, analytical and practical application approach to understanding the solubility and diffusion characteristics of drugs.  Through advanced modeling techniques, we have developed an understanding of how drugs interact with a sealant layer of a film, and we can confidently recommend a one-to-one solution for your specific transdermal drug application.

Take the guesswork out of finding the proper package sealant for your drug/excipient. Work with the company that can scientifically demonstrate to you what sealant layer is the correct one for your drug. Work with the leader in science inspired packaging solutions, Bemis.

  • Bemis Innovation Center
  • Bemis Innovation Support Centre

Bemis Innovation Center

Explore your product ideas and packaging concepts - and bring them to market quickly - with our collaborative innovation destination.

  • Digital and physical prototyping

  • Packaging and equipment showcases

  • Concept to prototype Ideation Sessions

  • R&D and analytic labs

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Bemis Innovation Center

Bemis Innovation Support Centre

The demands of global competitiveness and the speed of change within the healthcare market signal an urgent need for more cost-effective production processes. Bemis Healthcare Packaging recognizes that this new economy demands shifts in servicing and skill acquisition. Looking beyond the immediate needs of today, we will outline development programs tailored to your needs.

Packaging Design Support

packaging design support

Need assistance finding a solution for a current or new packaging project? BISC can assist you with packaging format, design and material selection.

Process Development / Improvement

process development and improvement

Our customers regularly benefit from our Process Improvement service. BISC can help optimize equipment and processes to enhance our customers’ product quality and run-time efficiency.

Prototype Development

prototype development

Some of our prototyping capabilities include: Multivac R230, rotary sealer, impulse/constant heat sealer, platen pouch machine, thermoformer for trays, pilot coating line and pilot adhesive mixer.

Technical Support

technical support technicians

Having issues with our materials working properly on your equipment? BISC can work with you on issues such as plate temperature, dwell time, etc. to optimize how our materials run on your equipment. We will send our technicians who are experts in forming packages to help you set up our materials.

Testing and Validation

testing and validation

Testing capabilities include: infra-red spectroscopy; accelerated aging; sterilization trials and post-sterilization testing; porosity testing; burst strength; peel testing; optical testing and rub testing, to name just a few.

Lab Capabilities

testing and validation services

Bemis has one of the largest packaging-oriented analytical laboratories in the world. Bemis Healthcare Packaging regularly utilizes the hundreds of testing capabilities to find solutions to our customers’ technical issues. For an overview of the laboratory capabilities, please request that the "Research & Development Laboratory Capabilities" brochure be e-mailed to you.

Trials with New Products / Materials

trials with new products and materials

BISC can run your products on our machines to determine potential compatibility issues. If issues arise, BISC will provide solutions to ensure machine-material compatibility.

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