Economic Sustainability

Bemis Company Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Our Responsibility

We operate for the long term with a disciplined approach to business management.  It is our responsibility to make sound decisions, follow best practices, and report transparently to our stakeholders.

Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

Principles of Corporate Governance

Our Principles of Corporate Governance defines the overall framework for Bemis’ governance. It has been adopted by our Board of Directors as the basis for how the Board will manage its affairs.

Our Principles ensure accountability to our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, and employees.
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Our Ethical Standards

We set high ethical standards for our company. Our Code of Conduct provides expectations of legal and ethical behavior of all employees, officers, directors, independent contract workers, and suppliers who conduct activities on Bemis’ behalf.

Code of Conduct
Core Values
global risk management

Global Risk Management

We’ve created a Global Risk Management program that enables Bemis to govern uncertainty and assess opportunities.  A formal Enterprise Risk Management process is practiced so that sound investments are made. 


World Class Operations Management

Our World Class Operations Management techniques help to evaluate our operating performance and improve resource efficiency. We use the metrics and mechanisms of this approach to:

  • Reduce raw material usage
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve scheduling efficiency

Sedex Enabling responsible supply chains

Member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

SEDEX is allows companies to access information about their suppliers, including labor standards, health & safety, business integrity and environmental performance

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S&P Dividend Aristocrat

Bemis has paid an annual dividend on its common stock since 1922 and has been included in S&P's list of Dividend Aristocrats since 2008