Environmental Sustainability

Bemis Company Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitment

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. That’s why we’ve designed programs and initiatives to help meet our own and our customers’ environmental goals.

Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

Sustainability at a Glance

  • Good environmental practices are woven into every part of our operating model, and we continue to make tremendous progress toward our environmental sustainability goals.
  • We have successfully reduced waste to landfill and our use of process water, solvents, electricity, and fuel.
  • Given the meaningful progress in our goals, we are now simplifying our approach and extending our progress for the long term by adopting a “maintain and gain” philosophy.
  • We aim to hold the progress (maintain) and look for opportunities to continually improve even further (gain) as we grow our business.
  • We are proud of our accomplishments, but we will never stop our continuous improvement philosophy.

Bemis’ Environmental Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS)

Bemis’ fully implemented EHSMS – our method of managing EHS matters to drive continuous environmental performance improvement and a high performance EHS culture – is comprised of six modules:
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Support
  • Planning
  • Operations
  • Assessment & Review
  • Continuous Improvement
Bemis' EHS Management System is based on ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Technology for Tomorrow

From packaging that uses less material to reusing scrap in manufacturing, we are continually looking for better ways to make differences every day.

  • Flexible
  • Cups & Arrays
  • Shrink Bundling


Lightweight packaging made from plastic or foil laminates can use up 80% less material than traditional bag-in-box packages*

*American® Chemistry Council; Plastic Packaging Helps Do More with Less

Cups & Arrays

Evolution® cups and arrays eliminate 3 million pounds annually from landfills by reusing remaining scrap that would otherwise be discarded

Shrink Bundling

Titan™ shrink bundling films greatly reduce packaging material weight compared to corrugate

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Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Bemis is a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, an organization devoted to the development and promotion of truly sustainable packaging solutions.
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Carbon Disclosure Project

Since 2006, Bemis has supported the Carbon Disclosure Project’s annual information requests, providing data on our carbon emission and responses to issues dealing with climate change.