Moda Vacuum Packaging System

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Moda Vacuum Packaging System

Cut costs and find new efficiencies

The best-in-class Moda vacuum packaging system and Amcor shrink materials for meat and cheese can improve operations, eliminate costs and optimize product appearance.

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Moda vacuum packaging system

  • Maximum efficiency, ergonomics, safety and sanitation
  • Compact design — ideal for production floor space optimization
  • Easy to clean and maintain — no recesses, corners or edges
  • Quality, stainless steel construction — backed by Moda's 10-year structural warranty and two years of electrical component warranty

Available as an entire system or piece-by-piece; customize a solution that fits your operating needs and budget:


In-line Vacuum Shrink Bag Maker & Printer

The ModaBag produces printed bags from rolls of unprinted tubing.

This significantly reduces packaging material costs, SKUs and film obsolescence while saving inventory space in your operation.
  • In-line printing reduces the need to carry multiple print SKUs
  • Menu adjustable bag lengths reduces need to carry multiple sizes
Synergistic performance by pairing with Amcor shrink tubing
ModaBag In-line Vacuum Shrink Bag Maker and Printer


Auto Wrapper / Bag Maker

Deliver lower total package costs while improving your production efficiencies and optimizing product appearance.
  • Reduce labor costs by 50% or more with automated bagging
  • Achieve superior skin-tight shrink and reduced purge without excess packaging
  • Synergistic performance by pairing with Amcor Shrink Rollstock
ModaPac Auto Wrapper / Bag Maker


Indexing Conveyor

Reduce labor and achieve lower total costs with the high-speed ModaTrack indexing conveyor that pairs well with ModaPac lines and integrates fully with ModaVac rotary HMI.
  • Maximize productivity with automatic bag indexing and product spacing to match the ModaVac rotary platen
  • Sensors detect both ends of the product, including fully printed packaging film
ModaTrack Indexing Conveyor


Rotary Vacuum System

Maximize your productivity with ModaVac high-speed rotary vacuum packer — an easy to operate system that improves efficiency, ergonomics and safety.
ModaVac Rotary Vacuum System


Vacuum Pump System with Actuators

The ModaEVac uses the Atlas Copco’s VSD controlled rotary screw vacuum pumps to deliver maximum performance with low running costs and improved product quality.
Withstands liquid and vapor ingestion, maintaining equipment performance over time, even with injected product.
ModaEVac Vacuum Pump System with Actuators


Hot Water Shrink Tunnel

The industry leading, energy efficient ModaShrink hot water shrink tunnel is electrically heated with an adjustable water-height internal bath system.
100% water curtain width guarantees excellent vacuum packaging shrink results.
ModaShrink Hot Water Shrink Tunnel


Cold Water Tunnel

Extend shelf life and reduce purge by rapidly chilling product post-shrink tunnel with the ModaChill boning room chill system.
Quickly return the surface temperature of vacuum packaged product to its pre-shrink tunnel temperature, resulting in:
  • Reduced purge
  • Increased shelf life
  • A more hygienic product
ModaChill Cold Water Tunnel


Dry Tunnel

Effectively dry vacuum packaged products with incredible efficiency, making your product more hygienic and easier to handle and label, with the ModaDry tunnel.
The highly efficient nozzle array system produces dry product, eliminating the need for carton liners.
ModaDry Dry Tunnel

Meat and cheese in shrink packaging

  • Fresh and processed meats such as hams, hot dogs and sausages
  • Boneless and bone-in meats such as pork ribs and whole chickens
  • Cheese chunks and loaves
  • Barrier and non-barrier applications

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Get the details on each piece of the Moda vacuum packaging system in our machine and shrink film folio.
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