Move from Shelf to Basket in Less Than 13 Seconds

How to Move Your Product from Shelf to Basket in Less Than 13 Seconds

Visual Appeal

How to Move Your Product from Shelf to Basket in Less Than 13 Seconds


Walking the aisle of a grocery store, consumers may stop to view or pick up a package because the design or shape caught their eye. In this first moment of truth, the package’s design and graphics may determine whether they purchase or not. Research has shown that the average consumer spends just 13 seconds purchasing a brand in-store1, leaving no time to waste when it comes to grabbing shoppers’ attention.

As companies make shifts to enhance and grow their brand, they are looking to boost consumer engagement and differentiate on shelf. One opportunity is to use unique printing effects, such as tactile and matte technologies. These printing techniques not only create distinctive designs, but also appeal to the consumer’s sense of touch by using textured coatings. In the mind of the consumer, products with tactile or matte packaging create a premium look and feel, which conveys cues for luxury, superior or natural products.

Brands are able to refresh or reinvent themselves by incorporating printing effects into the package design. Using these elements can enable brands to stay ahead of their competition and position their products to stand out on shelf and engage with today’s busy consumers.

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Source: 1. Nielsen, Ehrenberg-Bass Study, 2014


Jeff Hopp
Director of Marketing - Meat