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How to Stand Out in a Sea of Products

Visual Appeal

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Products


Today’s shoppers have a laundry list of demands from the products they consume - convenience, clean label, variety, value, eco-friendly... just to name a few. Because of this, there’s a showdown in the retail space to grab consumers’ attention, and seafood producers are fighting to win. As these demands are redefining the industry, packaging plays a key role in order to allow your product to standout and effectively communicate to consumers.

In a vast sea of products, how can producers differentiate in such a crowded retail environment? Mistakenly, brands attempt to standout by painting the package with busy graphics, buzzwords, and claims to draw attention. Subsequently, the package causes confusion, skepticism or mistrust because of the overwhelming messaging.

What truly stands out is a unique package with a few key claims, and the ability to easily see (or touch) the product. Most often, it’s products with packaging that show simplicity, instead of shouting it with over-the-top messaging, that create disruption in the retail arena. One packaging format that has proven successful is the fresh, case-ready seafood options now available at most grocery stores. These products - in pristine, sleek, skin-tight packaging - put the goodness of the seafood front and center.

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Lee Coffey
Marketing Manager