Building Material Packaging

building material packaging

Building Material Packaging

Protect Your Product with Durable Packaging that Resists Punctures and Tears

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grout packaging bag

Pre-Made Pouches for Grout Bags, Batch Bags and More

Reduce product loss from tears, rips or spills with pouches and bags designed with high durability. Protect your product from moisture, bursts, UV rays and punctures with a variety of technologies, including vents and perforations to improve palletization. Choose from a variety of packaging platforms including side-gusseted bags, cubed pouches, flat, pinch, fold and glue bottoms or batch bags.

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Bag Rollstock for Cement Mix, Building Compounds and More

Safeguard challenging building products with tough, multi-layer nylon coextruded materials with excellent strength and puncture resistance that eliminates tears, rips and spills. Manage moisture and palletization with vents and perforation designs.