Coffee Packaging

packaging for coffee beans

Coffee Packaging

By the Pound or by the Cup, Lock in the Freshness that Consumers Expect Through Advanced and Sustainable Packaging

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High-Barrier Structures for Ground & Whole Bean Coffee

High-barrier Java-Flex® coffee packaging keeps your coffee fresh with protection against oxygen and moisture for extended shelf life.

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Metallized Film for Ground and Whole Bean Coffee

Gain a unique combination of visual and barrier properties with our self-manufactured metallized rollstock. bMET™ II metallized sealant film allows roasters to transition from 3-ply to 2-ply films to reduce coffee packaging material weight up to 30%.

bMET™ II Metallized Sealant Films

Learn more about the benefits and physical properties of bMET™ metallized sealant

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packaging for coffee beans

Flexible Packaging Films for HFFS Thermoform Applications

Achieve exceptional clarity, strength, puncture resistance and oxygen barrier for high-volume, bulk applications with Curwood® ICE® films.

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Stickpacks for Single-Serve Coffee Powders and Mixes

Preserve the taste of your instant coffees and creamers with Bemis® SlimFlex films for VFFS packaging. SlimFlex structures feature protective sealant films so flavors cannot migrate to or from films. Add convenience with Fancy Cut® technology*, a notch-free opening feature.

*FancyCut® is a registered trademark of Hosokawa Yoko Co. LTD.

High-Barrier Packaging for Single-Serve Coffee

Keep your coffee fresh with Java-Flex® barrier materials that protect against oxygen and moisture for extended shelf life. Great for single-serve coffee and fractional products. 

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