Bulk Cheese Packaging

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Bulk Cheese Packaging

Bring Out the Best in Your Bulk Cheese

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Bulk Shredded Cheese Packaging

Find an assortment of cheese packaging solutions for bulk shredded cheese, including film for your VFFS packaging operations and convenient opening technologies.

Films for VFFS Natural Bulk Shredded Cheese

bulk shredded cheese

Get structures that stand up to pack-off and distribution, and keep your bulk shredded cheese products protected and fresh. Curwood® bulk shred films are designed for high-speed VFFS cheese packaging applications, and deliver critical physical properties like puncture and abrasion resistance, COF, barrier and hot tack.

Scoring Technologies for Easy-Open Convenience

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Eliminate the need for tear tape, knives and scissors. IntegraScore® and laser score technologies allow for complete removal of package tops. Tear follows a controlled path to guide opening.

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Bulk Block Cheese Packaging

Cheese packaging formats for bulk block cheese deliver seal characteristics to seal through folds, wrinkles and residual cheese contamination.

Pre-Made Bags for 40# and 640# Block Cheese

bulk cheese block

Gain high oxygen and moisture barrier to optimize product quality throughout the aging process, allowing your cheese to develop natural taste. Tough, co-extruded Curwood® pre-made barrier bags protect against punctures and are extensible for easy manual and tower loading.

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