Cheese Snack Packaging

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Cheese Snack Packaging

On-the-Go Cheese Snack Formats Meet Changing Consumers’ Needs

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  • Cheese Portions and Snack Kits

Cheese Portions and Snack Kit Packaging

Cheese packaging formats for cheese portions and snack kits include thermoforming films, HFFS overwrap, rollstock film options and features to deliver a better consumer experience.

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Semi-Rigid Rollstock and Pre-Made Rigid Parts for Snack Kits

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Enhance your cheese snack kit’s physical strength, barrier and condensation control with our broad portfolio of semi-rigid and rigid options. Choose from materials including HIPS, PP, APET, PETG and CPET. Custom trays are available for small and large quantities

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Thermoform/Shrink Films for Consistently Sized Products

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Get the appearance of a shrink bag with the advantages of rollstock film. Curwood® Form-Tite® shrink films are used on thermoform/fill/seal machines, and are ideal for high-volume, consistently portioned cheese snack products.

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Easy-Open Package Technology

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Create a consistent and effortless “lift and peel” opening for your snack. EZ Peel® films maintain a hermetic package, and can be customized to desired peel strength.

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Scoring Technologies for Easy Open

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Eliminate the need for tear tape, knives and scissors. IntegraScore® and laser score technologies allow for complete access to the product. Tear follows a controlled path to guide opening.

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Curwood® Form-Tite® Shrink Film

See our thermoform-shrink film in action! Curwood® Form-Tite® Shrink Films offers total cost savings by reducing manual labor, minimizing leakers and increasing throughput.

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Consumers’ lifestyles are changing, and so are their needs.

Learn how packaging can help you meet their new demands and stay ahead of the curve!

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