Processed Cheese Packaging

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Processed Cheese Packaging

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IWS & Overwrap Packaging

Find a comprehensive selection of film options to keep your IWS and overwrap products fresh.

Films for Individually Wrapped Sliced (IWS) Cheese

Individually wrapped sliced cheese

Realize the advantages of the thinnest-gauge IWS films in the industry, including excellent machinability, consistent quality and excellent cheese release.

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Printable Overwrap Films for Hot- and Cold-Packed Cheese Slices

processed cheese slices packaging

Find a complete portfolio of cheese packaging solutions including barrier overwrap for SOS processed cheese or non-barrier overwrap films for IWS cheese. Film options include die-fold or flow-wrap seal options as well as heat-seal, cold-seal or strip metallized films.

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Wax-Coated Cheese Packaging

Find film solutions for your wax-coated cheese packaging. Bemis films provide excellent stiffness and maintain deadfold; are easy to open and peel; and have low sealing temperatures.

Wax-Coated Films for Processed Cheese Loaves, Cream Cheese, Butter and More

wax-coat cheese packaging

Improve filling performance while gaining excellent cheese release. Curwood® Parakote™ films provide high stiffness and deadfold, and offer a wide operating window with low heat-seal-initiation temperatures.

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High-Impact Promotional Opportunities

Create low-cost, high-impact on-pack promotions ideas for peelable coupons, recipes, peel/reveal games and co-branded offers with IntegraPeel™ technology.

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