Processed Cheese Packaging

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Processed Cheese Packaging

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  • IWS & Overwrap
  • Wax Coated

IWS & Overwrap Packaging

Uncover our comprehensive selection of film options to maximize your cheese production and enhance consumer experience.

Films for Individually Wrapped Sliced (IWS) Cheese

Individually wrapped sliced cheese packaging

Discover the high quality features of the thinnest-gauge IWS films in the industry. Our IWS film minimizes water retention on wrapper, achieves high speeds in filling process, and delivers consistent ease of cheese release.

Printable Overwrap Films for Hot- and Cold-Packed Cheese Slices

processed cheese SOS and IWS overwrap packaging

Optimize your cheese packaging with our wide variety of printable overwrap films. Film options include die-fold or flow-wrap seals, as well as heat-seal, cold-seal or strip metalized films.

Wax-Coated Cheese Packaging

Find a leading-edge cheese package design with our wax coated films. Discover easy machinability, high speed performance and consumer convenience with wax coated technologies.

Wax-Coated Films for Processed Cheese Loaves, Cream Cheese, Butter and More

wax-coat processed cheese product packaging

Improve filling performance while gaining excellent cheese release. Curwood® Parakote™ films provide high stiffness and deadfold, and offer a wide operating window with low heat-seal-initiation temperatures.