Ready to Eat Meal and Meal Component Packaging

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Ready to Eat Meal and Meal Component Packaging

Serve Up Convenience in Advanced Technology Packaging for Ready to Eat Meals

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  • Dry Mixes & Dry Food
  • Fresh & Frozen Meals
  • Shelf Stable

Dry Mix & Dry Food Packaging

Move out of boxes into the improved barrier protection and breakaway line speeds of flexible packaging for your dry mixes and dry foods.

dried muffin mix in pouch

Pre-Made Pouches for Dry Seasonings, Pastas, Rice & Noodles

dried soup mix in pouch

Replace glass, paperboard, cans and other formats with lightweight, protective flexible packaging. Choose from a wide selection of pouch sizes, shapes, materials and finishes.

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Rollstock Film for Every Application

mexican seasoning foil lined packet

Gain advantages in productivity, protection, sustainability and appeal for your dry foods and mixes with Bemis® rollstock film. Options include coextruded, foil, laminated, metallized, cold-seal and more.

Easy-Opening Technology for Consumer Convenience

white bag with sliding zipper

Eliminate the need for tear tape, knives and scissors. IntegraScore® and laser score technologies allow for a complete or partial removal of package tops. Tear follows a controlled path to guide opening.

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Open-and-Reclose Technologies for Consumer Convenience

reclosable bags with zippers

Offer effortless opening and closing convenience for your dry seasonings, rice, noodles and pasta packaging. From press-to-close zippers to sliders, find formats for almost any packaging configuration, material or packaging equipment.

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Fresh & Frozen Meals Packaging

Explore today’s widest and most competitive range of food packaging technologies for the “ready-to-heat” revolution. Options include refrigerated ready meals, dual-ovenable films, microwavable packaging and more.

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microwavable frozen ready meals and sides

Fresh, Refrigerated Ready to Eat Meals with a 6-Week Shelf Life

microwavable chilled ready meal in tray

Offer healthy, great tasting meals with Micvac® refrigerated ready meals*. The system uses a microwave pasteurization process to preserve freshness without preservatives. Meals feature a patented valve that whistles when the meal is done. *Micvac® is a registered trademark of Micvac AB Corporation of Molndal, Sweden

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High-Heat Dual-Ovenable Packaging for Frozen Ready to Eat Meals

frozen ready to eat pancakes in microwavable packaging

Achieve consistent, evenly cooked meals in the microwave or oven. Bemis® dual-ovenable films feature advanced self-venting options for precisely controlled steam release. Available in rollstock for VFFS, pouches and hermetic or non-hermetic options.

Steamable Microwave Packaging for Frozen Entrees and More

microwavable frozen meals and sides

Deliver an easier microwave packaging experience and protect quality and flavor with advanced steamable technologies like Bemis® Magic Steam™ II technology. Ideal for pre-cooked protein entrees, our solutions support a quick, consistent cook cycle balancing time, temperature and steam.

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Rigid Packaging for Fresh and Frozen Meals

frozen Chili's Florentine meal in microwave tray

Protect the flavor and quality of your food product with rigid containers that can be shelf stable, frozen, refrigerated, microwavable or ovenable. Drive consumer convenience by pairing with easy open lidding. Choose from a broad portfolio of shapes, sizes and designs or a solution custom-engineered for your application.
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Reliable Lidding to Protect Your Fresh and Frozen Meals

ready to eat frozen meals in tray

Protect your fresh and frozen ready meals from distribution to consumer consumption with non-foil lidding films.

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Flexible Films for Frozen Pizza Packaging

frozen pizza packaging

Gain the ultimate fusion of barrier, performance and value for your HFFS pizza packaging. Curwood® ICE® nylon films have become the industry benchmark for production efficiency, product protection and consumer appeal.

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Shelf Stable Packaging

Focus on consumer convenience with shelf stable retort packaging. Explore flexible and rigid “heat and eat” options for today’s busy consumers, including self-venting microwave technology, easy open features and more.

retort pouch and rigid tray with lidding

Flexible Retort Packaging for Shelf Stable Ready Meals

flexible retort packaging Pace Ready Meals

Drive consumer convenience through self-venting microwave technology, easy open features and more. Drive savings with material costs and shipping costs compared to cans and jars. Made with domestically manufactured materials, packaging will withstand thermal sterilization of your product.

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Semi Rigid Retort Packaging for Shelf Stable Ready Meals

retort rigid tray and lidding Hormel Dinty Moore

Protect the quality of your product and reduce product giveaway with technology advancements in semi-rigid packaging. With the opportunity for consumer convenience features such as easy open technology, attract new consumers and represent your brand effectively on shelf.

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