SmartTack™ EZ Peel® Reseal™ Packaging

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Lunchmeat, salad and cheese in resealable packaging

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Enhance the Consumer Experience with SmartTack™ Resealable Packaging Options

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SmartTack EZ Peel Reseal packaging being opened

SmartTack™ EZ Peel® Reseal™ Packaging

Delight consumers with the convenience of resealable packaging while improving your bottom line. SmartTack™ EZ Peel® Reseal™ technology delivers:

  • Functionality and freshness that consumers crave
  • Food waste reduction and shelf life extension
  • Benefits to the wallet and the environment with material source reduction and transportation savings
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  • Applications

SmartTack™ versus 5-part tub/lid system

  • Reliable reclosability that provides easy functionality vs. sliders and zippers
  • Resealable packaging provides source reduction by reducing additional packaging components in rigid tray / rigid lid applications
  • Eliminates need for labels with printable lidding
  • Meets consumer need for easy open and reclose convenience
  • Deliver safety with tamper evident indicator options
  • Easy open packaging – no knives or scissors needed

How does SmartTack™ resealable packaging work?

  • Flexible applications
  • Rigid applications
  • Resealable pre-made pouches
  • Resealable stand up pouches
  • HFFS

Lettuce and cheese in resealable packaging

  • Fresh food applications such as fruits and vegetables
  • Refrigerated applications such as meats, lunch meats and cheeses
  • Shelf ready applications such as snacks, cereal, etc.
  • Hygiene and household products

Die cut label being opened

SmartTack™ Die Cut Resealable Label

Deliver improved functionality and safety with SmartTack™ die cut resealable label.

  • Optimal re-tack for easy open functionality and multiple reclosures
  • Additional tamper evidence options
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  • Specs
  • Applications

Lunchmeat with die cut label

  • Convenient resealability for multi-serve packages with center peel tab or corner peel tab options
  • Replaces the need for zippers or tubs/lids for resealing purposes
  • Enhance safety by eliminating the use of utensils such as scissors or knives to access package contents
  • Enhance the consumer experience with easy open functionality and multiple reclosures

Die cut label center peel tab diagram

  • Turnkey system with label pre-applied
  • Printable options:
    • Lidding film up to ten colors
    • Label up to eight colors
  • Patent pending tamper evident solutions
    • Corner tamper evidence
    • Premium perimeter tamper evidence

SmartTack™ die cut resealable label on a roll

  • Runs on existing thermoforming equipment without modification
  • Suitable for many HPP applications
  • Center or corner peel tab
  • Rigid or flexible forming package

Chicken lunchmeat in a die cut label package

Efficient single source of supply for entire system including resealable lidding film, forming film and/or trays or pouches to meet several applications:

  • Refrigerated applications such as meats, lunch meats and cheeses
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable applications
  • Shelf ready applications such as snacks, cookies, cereal, etc.
  • Hygiene and household products

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