Bemis® Calypso™ Foil Lidding

Yogurt cups with foil lidding

Foil Lidding shouldn’t tear, puncture or cut consumers

Eliminate Consumer Frustration with Bemis® Calypso™ Foil Lidding. Calypso™ Delivers Greater than 2X the Tear Resistance and 50% More Puncture Strength than Traditional Lidding.

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Bemis Calypso die cut foil lidding

Say Goodbye to the Status Quo

Today’s traditional foil* die cut lidding causes major pain points for both brands and consumers with its limitations.

Create a transformational experience for your consumers and business operations with die cut lidding that improves performance and quality.

* Traditional structures defined as approximately 1.2 – 1.3 mil foil (30- 33 micron)

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easy open foil lidding

  • Eliminate consumer frustration with lidding that peels perfectly in one piece, every time due to improved tear strength of more than 2x with EZ Peel® lidding
  • Reduce consumer complaints, and keep them & workers safe with softer material and lidding edges

strong and sustainable foil lidding

  • Reduce product damage and maintain brand quality throughout your product’s life with a 50% greater puncture strength than traditional foil* lidding
  • Lower CO2 by 35% and energy by 10% with materials that reduce the impact on the environment when compared to traditional structures*
* Compared to traditional Bemis structures

Bemis Calypso lidding with back side printing

  • Used with inline or rotary cup filling and sealing packaging machines
  • Delivered as precut lids (die cut lids)
  • Supplied with traditional embossing
  • Printing available with up to 11 colors, including white and varnish, with backside print options available

yogurt, pudding and sour cream cup icons

  • Die cut lidding for yogurt and other dairy products
  • More applications coming soon, contact us to learn about Calypso™ foil lidding for your product

Is your lidding an obstacle or an invitation?

Uncover why your current foil lidding is frustrating your consumers and how Bemis® Calypso™ helps them get to the good stuff, easier.

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Foil lidding failures
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