Parafilm® M Banana Crown Wrap

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Parafilm wrapped bananas

Reduce food waste and preserve your highest quality organic produce

Eliminate the need for post-harvest fungicides with Parafilm® M Agricultural Film

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Bananas wrapped with Parafilm M

The Original Banana Crown Wrapping Film

Invented in 1936, Parafilm® M is the most recognized crown wrapping film on the market and the standard by which consumers identify organically produced bananas.
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Parafilm M Film

  • Extend shelf life and reduce food waste by controlling the ripening process and protecting against pests and deterioration throughout distribution
  • Keep produce looking fresh longer by preventing latex from seeping from the cut “wound,” which turns to an off-putting black color when it dries
  • Eliminate the need to spray costly fungicides by preventing crown rot

Parafilm M Agricultural Film

Organic Food Declaration
Parafilm® M complies with the following organic food standards as applicable:

  • United States Department of Agriculture – National Organic Program (7 CFR Part 205)
  • Canadian General Standards Board – Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards (CAN/CGSB-32.310-2015)
  • EU Commission Regulation (EC) No 889/2008

Tariff Classification
This product is classified for export under Harmonized Tariff Schedule number 3404.90.5150

Parafilm M Agriculture Film

Storage Conditions

  • Avoid extremes of heat and cold. Temperatures of 45 °F to 90 °F (7 °C to 32 °C) and relative humidity of 35 % to 55 % are desirable.
  • Store products in a cool, dry, clean environment; store several inches off the floor.
  • Protect products from direct sunlight, heat, moisture, and keep in original container until ready for use.

Shelf Life
Under the storage conditions stated above, we expect Parafilm® M to have an indefinite shelf life.

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Bananas and pineapple wrapped in Parafilm

  • Bananas
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Roll Size

Product Number

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2" x 250'



40 Cases (1 Pallet)

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