Parafilm® Grafting and Budding Tape

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Parafilm® Nursery Grafting Tape


Buds and Grafts Succeed at a Higher Rate with Parafilm® Grafting Tape by Keeping Them Moist and Secure While They Heal

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Parafilm Nursery Grafting Tape

Securely Hold Plants Together

Improve plant grafting and budding efforts and also enhance usability for nursery workers, landscapers and gardeners. Waterproof, flexible and stretchable — Parafilm® grafting tape combines excellent moisture protection with oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability to allow for superior shrub and plant growth.
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Parafilm M Nursery Grafting Tape Box and Rolls

  • Securely holds plants and shrubs together until union and/or budding takes place
  • Prevents plants/buds from drying out with strong moisture protection and holds a durable self-adhesive seal
  • Allows gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide to easily pass through
  • Allows for reduced costs by using less wrap with more than 200% stretch of original length

Rolls of Parafilm Grafting Tape

  • Waterproof, flexible and stretchable to more than 200% original length
  • Available in two roll widths, 1/2" and 1"
  • Allows gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide to easily pass through

Parafilm M Nursery Grafting Tape

Nursery grafting and budding efforts for

  • Plants
  • Shrubs
  • And more

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Roll Size

Product Number

Rolls per Box

Boxes per Case

Minimum Quantity

1/2" x 90'




9 Cases

1" x 90'




9 Cases

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