Sustainable Packaging

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Sustainable Packaging

Protect Your Product While Reducing Packaging and Rethinking Total Impact

  • bMET™ Metallized Sealant Films

    bMET™ Metallized Sealant Films

    Achieve up to 30% less material weight than traditional 3-ply films and replace materials such as metallized OPET, OPP or foil with bMET™ metallized sealant films for coffee, snacks, pet food and more.

  • Bemis® Calypso™ Foil Lidding

    Bemis® Calypso™
    Foil Lidding

    Use materials that have less impact on the environment; lower CO2 by 35% and energy by 10% with Bemis® Calypso™ die cut lidding for yogurt.

  • yogurt, applesauce and jam cups

    Cup Stock

    Maintain consumer-pleasing stiffness and feel with up to 20% less material weight, improve performance while achieving source reduction, and recycle & re-extrude your trim back into base sheet.

  • Liquiflex bulk foodservice liquid pouches

    Liquiflex® Advance™ packaging

    Protect your product with liquid foodservice pouches that use up to 30% less material without compromising performance, pack off 40% tighter and generate 96% less waste than cans.

  • Bemis® Titan™ Shrink Films

    Bemis® Titan™ Shrink Films

    Boost shelf appeal while reducing packaging material weight more than 50% and carbon footprint up to 80%; replace corrugate, paperboard and plastic rings.