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Easy-Opening Packaging with Peelable Films

Create a consistent and effortless easy to open package that won’t rip or leave jagged edges. Proprietary EZ Peel® films maintain a hermetic package, and can be customized to desired peel strength or to leave a tamper-evident whitened area once opened. Ideal for bags, pouches, lidding film and more, especially for products focused on children and seniors.
easy peel cheese packaging
easy peel sliced turkey lunchmeat

Reclosable Packaging for Multi-Serve Products

Allow consumers to use the portion they need, then keep the rest fresh with the SmartTack™ EZ Peel® Reseal™ reclosable  packaging system. For both flexible and rigid packaging formats, the system closes with fingertip pressure and offers exceptional retack over multiple uses. Peel strength and reseal characteristics can be tailored to your product and package application.

Easy Open and Directional Tear for Lap and Fin Seal Packages

Make it easy to initiate and tear completely through stickpacks and other lap or fin seal packages with Fancy Cut®* technology. This notch-free, directional-tear feature allows complete removal of the package top for effortless pouring and dispensing. Can be placed anywhere along the package side in the machine direction without compromising structural barrier.

*FancyCut® is a registered trademark of Hosokawa Yoko Co. LTD.

Steamable Microwave Packaging for Frozen Foods and More

Deliver an easier microwave packaging experience and protect quality and flavor with advanced steamable technologies like Bemis® Magic Steam™ II. Ideal for pre-cooked protein entrees, side dishes, vegetables and more, our packaging solutions support a quick, consistent cook cycle. Available in flexible film rollstock or premade standup, quad-seal, pillow pouches and other formats, in a range of self-venting options.
bag of green giant mac and cheese

Tear Initiation for Hard-to-Open Packaging

Make it easy to open challenging packages with IntegraCut® technology. Tiny micro-perforations are applied to the package fin or side seals to allow tear initiation without compromising barrier or seal integrity. Ideal for directional-tearing films such as OPP or OPET, and for zippered pouch product packaging. 

Integrascore easy open consumer packaging

Scoring Technology for Easy Open Packaging

Eliminate the need for tear tape, knives and scissors. IntegraScore® and laser score technologies combine uncompromised barrier with effortless opening. Ideal for use in combination with tamper-evident hoods, these technologies allow for a complete or partial removal of package tops. Tear follows a controlled path to guide opening. 

Fitments and Packaging Closures for Dispensing, Pouring and Storing Products

Simplify dispensing for a whole range of pourable products—from beverages to granulated detergent—with straws, spouts, taps and other pour features with or without caps. Fitments are available for virtually any packaging format and material. Ask about partial zippers that pour and store-ideal for dry items like cereal.
Fitments packaging bonfire wine pouch