Safety Shelf Life

safety & shelf life

Safety & Shelf Life

Advanced Packaging Solutions to Protect Throughout Your Product’s Life

Bemis HPP, ICE and SPP durable food packaging Hormel deli ham

Film and Bags for Post Pasteurization

Get durable food packaging engineered to stand up to the rigors of post-packaging sterilization. High Pressure Processing (HPP) films use Curwood® ICE® technology for superior machinability, clarity and memory. Surface Post Pasteurization (SPP) shrink bags offer low haze, high barrier and excellent sealing. 
Bemis MicVac shelf life packaging

Trays & Lids for Microwave Pasteurization

Achieve a 6-week shelf life for refrigerated ready meals with the Micvac® system. The tray & lid system uses a microwave pasteurization process to preserve freshness without preservatives. Meals feature a patented valve that whistles when the meal is done.

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*Micvac® is a registered trademark of Micvac AB Corporation of Molndal, Sweden

Packaging for Aseptic and Retort Processes

Create reliable shelf-stable food packaging with retortable films and aseptic film laminations and lidstock. Find robust solutions for formats from stickpacks and pouches to cup & lid systems. Pouches can be retorted in as little as half the time of cans.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Safeguard food freshness, nutrition and color with high-barrier Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to prolong shelf life. MAP options formulated for gas-flush processing include pre-formed trays, lidstock and rollstock for semi-rigid trays, and pouches.

Barrier Protection to Extend Shelf Life and Reduce Spoilage

Protect your products against oxygen, moisture, odors and more with barrier materials engineered for your specific application. Find materials and packaging to safeguard everything from respiring produce, crunchy snacks and hard-to-hold chemicals.