Sustainable Packaging

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Sustainable Packaging

Reduce Packaging, Protect Products, Rethink Total Impact with Sustainable Packaging

individual pudding cup and creamer packaging

Strong, Lightweight Cupstock for Liquids and Hard-to-Hold Products

Downgauge thermoformed cups as much as 20% while maintaining consumer-pleasing stiffness and feel with Liquiflex® Evolution™ cupstock.
  • I-Beam film construction delivers a lightweight material and more premade parts per pound with equivalent strength.
  • Provides source reduction with improved performance.
  • Trim may be recycled and re-extruded back into base sheet.  
bulk liquid food packaging

Space-Saving Packaging for Refrigerated and Shelf-Stable Liquids

Use 30% less material than traditional packaging films and improve performance, efficiency, sustainability and ease of use with Liquiflex® Advance™ films.
  • Packs off 40% tighter and generates 96% less waste than cans
  • Superior burst and drop strength—resists tearing, shearing and punctures
  • Optimized to run on Liquiflex® AV series bulk liquid VFFS equipment plus industry-standard lap-seal bulk packaging equipment
light beer in package

Shrink Film Packaging for Multi-Packs and Bundled Products

Achieve a more sustainable, economical multi-pack or bundle with Bemis® Titan™ shrink films.
  • Ideal for replacing corrugate, paperboard and plastic rings for PET bottles, aluminum cans and more
  • Reduces packaging material more than 50% by weight
  • Reduces carbon footprint up to 80%
Bemis® Calypso™ foil lidding

Reduce Foil in Die Cut Lidding for Yogurt

Use materials that have less impact on the environment; lower CO2 by 35% and energy by 10% with Bemis® Calypso™ lidding.
corn flake cereal liner

Thin, High-Barrier Box Liner Packaging Films for Moisture-Sensitive Foods

Protect moisture-sensitive dry foods like cereal, crackers and dry mixes while reducing material 40% or more with high-barrier liner film.
  • Superior moisture and oxygen barrier over other liners
  • Excellent machinability and puncture resistance at gauges as low as 1.50 mil
  • Available as rollstock for either VFFS or HFFS pouches
bag of ruby’s cookies

High-Barrier Metallized Sealant Films for Coffee, Snacks, Pet Food and More

Use up to 30% less material than traditional 3-ply films with Bemis® bMET™ II blown films.
  • Performance of a 3-ply barrier film in 2 thin plies
  • Replaces materials such as metallized OPET, OPP or foil
  • Ideal for applications from pre-made pouches to form/fill/seal packages