Form-Tite™ Thermoforming Shrink Film

Thermoforming Shrink Film packaging

Form-Tite™ Thermoforming Shrink Film

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The Next Productivity Frontier

Part of our Shrink range, Form-Tite™ combines freshness with beauty. Offering all the advantages of vacuum shrink packaging, it improves the look of shrink bags with its brilliant optics and tight shrunk finish.

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thermoforming shrink film meat packaging


  • 10 colour printing available.
  • High gauge PVdC-free multilayer films available.
  • Labour saving opportunities.

thermoforming meat packaging film

Outstanding Product Presentation
• Film clarity and gloss show off the product at its best.
• High shrink provides a tight shrunk appearance with extended shelf life.

Cost Savings
• Increased packing throughputs for regular shaped products
• Reduced leakers due to minimal seal contamination

Pack Security
• Unrivalled seal strength and puncture resistance reduce waste
• Outstanding forming properties avoid thin corners

meat packaging thermoshrink film


  • Processed meat
  • Fresh meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish & seafood
  • Block cheese

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